Kim so hyun và kim yoo jung


Actress Kyên ổn so Hyun revealed her opinions towards the ex child actor Klặng Yoo Jung.

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Kim So Hyun recently got interviewed after finishing her lademo drama KBS ‘Radio Romance’ where she showed her affections towards Klặng Yoo Jung.

Kim So Hyun who took the role of Song Geu Ryên ổn in ‘Radio Romance’ said that she actually got a lot of pressure during the filming because this is her first drama since she became an adult.

The expectations of viewers on Kim So Hyun is always high because she is very popular. “Everyone has a high expectation on me và I have sầu khổng lồ work hard khổng lồ meet their expectation. People will eventually lose their confident when working under pressure so I tried not to lớn think about it và just vị work well” she said with a mature tone.

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Kyên So Hyun who is famous for her acting ability is also have sầu a few complains & opinions. Eventhough she always got praised through her great performances, she felt like there is still so many things she lacks on và she felt that she still didn’t vị her best yet.

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After filming drama ‘The Emperror: owner of the mask’, this drama got a poor critics because the laông xã of the characters lifting up the mood in this drama. To Kim So Hyun, her works connected with her so she felt a bit down but then she decided khổng lồ work hard và put more concentration on her work as he finished the 7 month filming.

She also said, “I have sầu started career since I was young. I spent a lot of time in the filming mix than in school. I get along with teachers better than with friends. When I was filming ‘The Moon that Embraces the sun’ I started khổng lồ learn how the adults behave while I spover time hanging out with them”.

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She also added that she isn’t really the outgoing type, “I rarely tương tác the actors or actresses I have sầu worked with, also Kyên Yoo Jung since I was a kid. I don’t like it if I can’t meet them in person. I prefer khổng lồ meet them in person than through phones.”.

The ex child actor that has became an adult also said that “when I was a kid, I felt uncomfortable when someone pointed out the differences between me and Kyên Yoo Jung. I felt lượt thích there’s nothing different with the two of us.” And “now I feel happy. We are friends & I think the differences between us is what makes us special”.